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Medieval Saxon Penannular Brooches Viking Celtic and Roman Pagan and Fantasy Hand Made Penannular Brooches Torcs and Bracelets
Bronze Prices

When I started making jewellery, bronze was an expensive quality metal and pewter the everyday alternative, and my prices reflected that. In the years that followed, the prices of bronze and pewter drifted close together. In the last year, thanks to soaring global copper prices, bronze has gone back to being a premium material: and with great regret, I have had to raise my prices to reflect that. On the up side, I have kept my pewter at a good price through a period of high inflation, and will do my best to keep it that way.


Two highly detailed pewter dragons with spread wings interlock their necks and tails to hold your cloak closed.
Six small rings on the back of each wing allows them to be sewn securely in place with no stitches showing to spoil the design.
5cm high, 6cm wide (each,) 10cm wide together.
Pewter £25, plate £30 and bronze £50.


This glaring face with entangled beard and moustaches appears on a Viking runestone in Denmark (now in Moesgård Museum). It is said to be a charm against evil. Pendant, 35cm.
Bronze £2o


I try to fill all orders as fast as possible and in any case within 4-6 weeks but sometimes with hand made pieces or cast silver there may be a longer delay. If you have a deadline, please let me know at the time you order and I will do my best to meet it.


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